Remembering our loved ones, that time comes to us all, there is no escaping it, how do you want to remember that day, Port Media Shares your heart ache and pain and wants to help make the loved memories of your friends and your family last forever, Don’t Just get a one Camera Video of the Service,

We offer Video and Editing services Especially for this time in your life.

Talk to your funeral Home Director now About what Port Media can do to help make that sad day a day of great memories. We proudly service the following area’s
Forster/Tuncurry, Taree, Port Macquarie, Kempsey and any location in this radius so please contact us.

Remembrance Slide Show,

Supply us with your photos or video clips and we will put together a one to two song slideshow to be played at your memorial service. People don’t understand that there are special requirements and needs for this to be done, Don’t show up on the day with the wrong material, or something that doesn’t work.

Port Media Guarantee’s your slideshow for the service,

I would recommend you to anyone who asked you bought a tinge of happiness to this family, showing what, how and the many people who he met on his short journey, the people who attended the people that we met and you yourself for the job you did thank you and if this video helps to succeed in your future endeavours it will be well worth it
Robert Goldspink

Memorial Video Service,

Why pay hard earned money at the saddest time of your life for an unedited one camera DVD of the Memorial Service of your loved Ones, Port Media will provide a Multi Camera Approach at almost the same price as the Crematorium would charge , Only we will edit the Service and supply you with a proper DVD,

Don’t let that day be one you forget, Loved ones are gone but should not be forgotten.┬áLet us help their memories live on.