DVD Cover and Disc Printing and Authoring

From any format. Port Media  can assist clients in creating the DVD-R master they require. This would include encoding footage supplied, setting up a menu (with graphics supplied by client), creating chapters as required, together with other features such as auto-run etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Printing onto DVD-R/DL DVD-R

cds mitchellFor clients who need to burn their own DVDs, we recommend utilising our DVD printing services. Colour or black thermal printing
is printed directly onto blank DVD-Rs. Many of our clients utilise this service to burn their own DVDs – using printed stock which looks professional, reinforces corporate image and adds to security.

Graphics Creation and Arrangement,
With Supplied Images we will create the DVD label and Covers for you for a Flat Rate of $45.00

if we need to extract Images from footage to create and design your covers and labels our rates are based upon hourly rates of $75 per hour.

Please see our DVD & CD Duplication services for pricing on Covers and Disc types