We Can Record Vinyl and Transfer it to PC / CD / DVD / WAV / AIFF … We can record any album or single: LP, 7″, 12″, 33, 45, 78 (even an audio cassette) and record it onto a CD for you. In general, one full album takes an hour to record and track mark and for this you get two [2] burned CD’s (one audio & data backup) with individual tracks marked and named. Older records generally have two things wrong with them.

1) Hiss and crackle. These can be caused by surface damage or ingrained dirt. Most dirt is removed by our included vacuum cleaning service and surface damage can be removed using a digital filter for which we charge an additional $5 per LP.

2) Loud pops. We can get rid of these, but they need to be removed one at a time, manually and this costs $1 a minute. it is priced thusly because when we remove the pops when track-marking and it’s just easier to keep a record of the time it takes to do each song. We don’t remove charming pops.

3) Note Also we can create MP3s for you however Mp3’s are not of a high quality or standard and we do not recommend them, Mp3’s are a compressed file which actually reduces the quality and the clarity of your music,

Pricing. Audio Cassettes. 60 Minute Tape Both Sides – 1 CD . 13.00

Audio Cassettes 90 Minutes Tape Both Sides – 2 CD’s 15.00

LP Album to Digital Conversion – 18.00

Lp Records to Wav and Music CD, $19.50 per Album with Song and Chapter Separation.

Singles to Wav Files 7.00

Digitally remove surface noise, boost and EQ – $5 / LP


WE CANNOT MAKE YOU A RECORD FROM CD Manufacturing vinyl is an industrial scale process. The records are pressed in runs from masters in huge machines (see below). You can get one offs ‘cut’ or engraved and these are called ‘dubplates’.

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