Do you have your old photo’s on Slides, No Slide viewer anymore, Would you like you slides converted to digital format?

We can now process your old Kodak Slides and strips of Photos and transfer your negatives into Jpg Images for you up to 4K quality, 

Port Media has spent time working to get the best results possible for this procedure whilst still trying to make it affordable.

We don’t care if you have 1 or 10,000 we will convert your slides to JPG for you so that you can take them home put them on your computer, or your Phone

or even upload them to facebook.

Pricing Options.

1 – 100 Slides, 1.25 per slide

101 – 200 Slides 1.20 per slide

201 – 500 slides 1.10 per slide

501 + Slides .99 per slide

Port Media can convert your old 35mm slides into digital images for you at an affordable price.. bring you slides of photos or you negatives and we can transfer them for you.

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