Cine Film Conversion 8 mm and Super 8 mm

Film Conversion done properly requires specialised equipment. If you are looking at this page, then more than likely, you have a film that is very old. Super 8 and 8 mm films have been around for many years.  The Conversion process is a complex one, as the aim is to get the clearest and highest quality conversion for the best price possible.

Port Media uses frame-by-frame capturing to convert your film, either 8 mm or Super 8 mm Film. Here at Port Media, we process your film through very high-end capture cards and equipment, helping to scan each frame at the highest quality possible.

You may not be sure if your film is 8 mm standard or Super 8 mm Film. It doesn’t matter, we can convert either for the same rate.

Reel Sizes and Rates.

Small Rolls of Film $22 .00 Per Roll to Digital

100 – 200 ft of Film $28.00 Per Roll to Digital

200 – 300 ft Film 36.00

400 Ft of Film $51.00 Per Roll to Digital
(Please note, Film will be sliced and converted every hundred feet of film to help guarantee the

Add all Rolls to DVD format for $12.95

Sample Footage from 8 mm Conversion.