Port Media Now Handles and converts 8mm & Super8 mm Films, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, DV, VHS, VHS-C. If you have any of these products please feel free to contact us,  we will be happy to book in your tapes or film for conversion.

We Specialise in Conversion services of tapes to digital or Disc Media.  Port Media uses High End Conversion Cards and Adapters With Macintosh Computers and High Quality VHS Players to help convert your VHS tapes to a Digital Format or to DVD Disc.

Do you have a bunch of old tape memories laying around, Well we can process the following tapes at the Current Time,

VHS, VHSc , Hi-8 , Mini Dv, MiniHdv,  these seem to be the most common floating around our region, Usually with a fairly fast turn around,  We have a Disc Production System made By Epson Specifically for the production of DVD and CD Discs, This machine can produce and print batches up to 50 at a time,  We also clean all VHS Tapes and VHS C tapes before conversion to help produce a better clearer copy.

FOR VHS Tapes we use Panasonic Diamond Head Tape Decks.
For Mini DV, MiniHDV we use SONY HDV Decks For Conversion
Our Hi-8 Conversion is Run through a Sony HI-8 Tape Deck,
Our Capture Cards and Devices are Made By BlackMagic Design and are designed specifically for Commercial Conversion.

We use Frame By Frame Processing of your 8mm Films in an attempt to improve the quality of the conversion. all films are gently cleaned first with dry microfibre material to help reduce dust dirt and scratches.

We use the RTI Rapid VHS Conditioner to clean all VHS Tapes before running them through our Decks,
From there all footage is sent to our Disc Duplicator to Write and Print your Disc’s as Ordered.
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