As you know there are rules and guidelines for having your commercials made and submitted to be aired on Television. So looking for an affordable solution isn’t always easy, but lets face it, your needing to get your branding out there in 30 seconds or less. Port Media understand how hard it is and how expensive it can be, Thats why we can help get your advertising produced at the best rate possible with Professional Outcomes.

Every Commercial has to be approved for television, We have experience in getting it there and getting it online for you. Don’s Spend $5000 ┬ájust to get your commercial made, We will script your commercial , take care of Voiceovers if required edit and get your approvals and submit it for approval. We can also arrange to have your commercials delivered to the television stations that you want them to air on.

The following is a recent commercial produced by Port Media for the Lions Club In Port Macquarie,

for More information or to discuss Television commercials call our office on 02-6585-3057 ,, Remember it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think .