Every year Dance studios in our region put the kids out there to show their skills, when working with this sort of industry anyone in media must have a valid paid working with children Number , We here at Port Media are Registered and Have valid working with Children Numbers to help guarantee the safety of all involved.

Annually we work with a few different Dance studios to help put together their DVD productions and the way we work we can help your studio to generate revenue from the event and from our DVD’s


So what can we do for your studio?

First of all our plan includes the complete filming of the production where ever it is set to be shown eg, the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie , the Manning Entertainment Centre or where ever you have planned. We will show up and set up 3 – 4 Cameras at the event and also use our own audio equipment to hook up to the sound so that we can get the best sound possible for the production,.

Once we film the Production we bring it back to our studio where we cut and edit it from there we produce the Labels and covers for the discs unless you wish to provide your own artwork.. many Studios do and we appreciate that.

From there we print the Inserts , Produce the Discs and Print the Labels and supply you with the finished product specific to the number of orders that you have taken for the show.